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Wednesday, Oct. 08, 2003 - 6:35 a.m.

So Arnie has become governor of California. At this point, I believe that it would be in everybody's best interests for the Golden State to fall into the Pacific. For the sake of democracy. What I find more shocking than Schwarzenegger being elected governor is the fact that 12,000 people voted for Gary Coleman. I am not, however, bothered by Larry Flynt getting 14,000 votes or Gallagher getting 4500 votes. I missed Schwarzenegger's victory speech. Did he happen to promise the people of California that he would kill Sulley last? I'm not sure that he can keep that promise.

I took this art literacy quiz (courtesy of Dave. I scored five out of eight. Not too bad, considering that I had far too much fun in the History of Modern Art class that I took in college. Jon can vouch for me on that one. Although I did learn much about paintings featuring "vaginal curtains" and "weird gnome-like fiends".


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