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Sunday, Jan. 20, 2002 - 12:22 p.m.

It's been 18 days since my last entry. I've been up to a whole lot and nothing at the same time. I've been sick. I've been hustling for work and I may almost have some. The snow that was "Not enough to stick or cause any major disruptions of everyday living" from my last entry wreaked havoc across the southeast.

The Arnold Schwarzaneggar classic Commando was finally found on DVD last night. That film is soooo absurd. There's so many continuity errors. For instance, in the classic bit of dialogue after Arnie drops Sulley off a cliff, Rae Dawn Chong says, "What did you do with Sulley?", and Arnie replies, "I let him go." This would be fine, except that Rae Dawn Chong has NEVER BEEN TOLD SULLEY'S NAME! In fact, there's no evidence in the film that Arnold even knows Ms. Chong's character's name. It's Cindy, by the way, but none of us watching knew this until the closing credits. I'm also still confused by the fact that Arnie plays a retired U.S. Special Forces commando who grew up in East Germany. Furthermore, one of his former unit members (the villain who looks like Freddie Mercury and wears a chain mail half shirt thoughout the film) has an AUSTRALIAN ACCENT!

I'll leave with the best line in the film, "This is a great place for huntin' slash, but it's getting a little crowded." Huntin' slash. Eww.


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