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Wednesday, Jul. 17, 2002 - 11:00 a.m.

Festivals, Festivals, Festivals!

Had a crazy weekend, starting with mixing monitors for Hoboken's biggest indie rock export. It turned out to be a lot of fun. They have a reputation for being difficult with local crews, and have been known to storm out of soundcheck if the monitors aren't right. They were, however, nothing short of jovial all day. The show went great. Ten thousand people showed up.

The next day was sheer hell. We had an all day African festival. Besides the normal chaos that ensues with these things, our production manager went to the emergency room because he was experiencing chect pains, another member of our crew also went to the hospital, due to some sort of bleeding skin infection, and our head of security went home early because of pain from injuries he recieved earlier in week when he got into a fight with five guys. One of my interns left as well, because her knee was bothering her. This left a skeleton crew on site to stage manager, light, and mix this all-day event. To make things worse, the front-of-house engineer and I both got food poisoning. For half the day, we were both darting away from our respective mix positions, to avoiod vomiting on our gear or soiling ourselves. We pulled off the show surpisingly well. I got home and had four hours of sleep before:

Bastille Day! I have been working on this celebration for five years now, and every year, it drives me nuts and I vow to never do it again. Well, this year was alright. I managed to pawn most of the serious labor on less senior members of the crew. In my exhausted state, I decided that stage changeovers and procuring food for the crew was plenty for me to do. After the show, we stopped for a beer at the Subway Inn, which is by far one of the grossest places that I have ever been in my life. On a shelf above the bar, they have a row of statues, which are completely unrecognizable due to the colossal dust bunnies covering them.

I had monday off. Did nothing. Except watch that crappy remake of Rollerball.

Yesterday, I did the outdoor classical music festival that I've done for many years. I impressed myself with how good it sounded. Stood around making fun of people with the surly sixteen year old girl who has been involved with this festival in some form or another since she was six.

Today, I get to stand around at work for 8 hours waiting for our projectionist to test his audio feed with me. Woohoo.


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