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Sunday, Jun. 23, 2002 - 1:30 p.m.

So where the hell have I been?

I spent several days with a nasty head and chest cold, working outside in 90 degree weather. My boss had a death in his family, so days off became double work days while he dealt with the funeral.

I saw the Hives play a criminally oversold show in Philadelphia. It was in one of those multi-level dance clubs, and they obviously sold tickets to the capacity of the club, not just the room that the band played in. I briefly considered calling the fire marshal instead of rocking out. The show was great. The Hives definitely have their schtick down.

The following day I headed to my mom's house to see my visiting aunt and grandmother. My grandmother has Alzheimer's. She kept telling my brother and I that we need to learn how to play bridge. She kept asking the same questions over and over again. My brother and I have the patience to simply repeat the same answers to her, but my mom and aunt have a harder time dealing with it. Their frustration was driving me nuts, so I was glad to hop a train home the next day.

I spent the last week busting my ass trying to get everything up and running at the large outdoor festival that I work at. We opened Thursday night, with shows on Friday and Saturday as well. I barely survived a chain of equipment malfunctions, operator errors and rigging near-disasters. I've got a few days off. Although it's the last thing that I should want to do right now, I'm wondering if there's any good shows happening this week. I was considering heading to Philadelphia to catch the Rezillos on Tuesday, but I've got a job on Wednesday morning here in Brooklyn.

I've got to do my laundry.


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