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Thursday, Apr. 25, 2002 - 12:11 a.m.

Long work days have left me with little time to do anything else, save maybe catching a late night rerun of the Match Game on the Game Show Network or watching something of interest that my good friend Tivo has taped over the course of the day.

I had to do laundry today, as I have worn 90% of the clothing that I brought with me to New York already. I've got some general things to get done around the house here, and then I need to head to the bus station. I will be spending this evening in Philadelphia before renting a car to drive to Virginia for a wedding. I don't really know the people getting married, or really any of the expected wedding guests, so I don't know how much fun that will be. I will be able to spend time with Heather, who will be flying in to Dulles tomorrow, and we're staying with my brother, who I haven't seen since his wedding in September.

In other news, During an extended dinner break yesterday, Jamie and I walked 23 blocks to the Gray's Papaya on 72nd and Amsterdam. I had 2 Hot Dogs with Sauerkraut and a 14 oz. Papaya Juice. Total cost: $2.45.


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