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Wednesday, Mar. 20, 2002 - 5:29 p.m.

Headed downtown last night to get something to eat and stopped by the Engine Room. I blew a couple bucks on pinball (I stayed away from Bride of Pinbot) and had a couple beers ($1 PBR on tap). I was home by 8. Sorta watched some TV. Only NYPD Blue was able to hold my interest.

I ended up watching Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai on DVD. This is quite the clever film. Jim Jarmusch managed to put mobsters, hip hop and cultural cross-pollinization into a single film. And it's kinda funny, too.

The film caused me to stay up later than I had planned, so I was a little late for my 10am meeting.

Made some phone calls.

I bet that there ain't shit on TV tonight.


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