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Monday, Oct. 13, 2003 - 10:35 a.m.

Chaotic weekend. Drove up to NYC on Friday. Did an indian classical music concert, with went on for far too long, as they always do. Got out shortly after eleven and headed to Brooklyn in hopes of making it to Martin's naturalization celebration. Caught a 2 train in no time, made a quick transfer at 14th street to the F. I noted to myself how efficient my journey was going as we pulled into West 4th street station. After sitting in the station for a little while, the conductor announced that the train was not going to Brooklyn. I hopped off and headed to the A train, where I managed to get on a train that was quite crowded and reeked of vomit and bologna. I'm pretty sure that the two odors had points of origin independent of each other. Anyway, I get to Jay Street, and it doesn't seem like F train service is happening again yet, so I walk to Carroll Gardens. I think it was about 12:15 when I got to the party. Not bad timing for a trek from the Upper West Side, but probably twice what it could have been.

I had a good time at the party, where Neil Diamond's "America" was played, Private Men's Club was consumed, and Kub was played in the back yard by candle light.

I left pretty late, and ran into Thoren, Derek, and Erich on the way home, getting sidetracked for another hour. I think I spent most of this time ranting about how I think Radiohead is overrated.

I did a Flamenco show on Saturday, which got out early enough that I could head back to Philadelphia without falling asleep at the wheel. On my way to the car, I bought a bottle of Tropical Fantasy Black Cherry Soda. I guess that the bottle must have been shaken up a bit in transit, because when I opened it up (while driving), half the bottle fizzed over, dousing my shirt and crotch with the syrupy concoction. I had to stop to get gas, and took the opportunity to change my shirt. I had no pants to change in to, however. I'm pretty sure the gas station attendant thought I had pissed myself.

Listening: Fountains of Wayne, Decemberists, Elliot Smith, Slumber Party, and Cracker in the changer.


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