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Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2003 - 1:52 p.m.

"Hey Everybody, it's Monday night and we're from nowhere near here!"

Saw the Deathray Davies at the Khyber last night. There was only like ten people there. That's so wrong. If you don't go see them, you're a bastard. Don't worry, there's still time:

Wednesday 08/27 Cambridge @ Middle East

Thursday 08/28 New York @ Knitting Factory

Friday 08/29 Brooklyn @ North Six

Saturday 08/30 Cleveland @ Beachland

Sunday 08/31 Detroit @ Lager House

Monday 09/01 Chicago @ Schubas

Tuesday 09/02 Minneapolis @ 400 Bar

Wednesday 09/03 Lawrence @ Bottleneck w/ Dressy Bessy

Thursday 09/04 Columbia @ Mojos w/ starlight mints

Friday 09/05 Oklahoma City @ Green Door

Saturday 09/06 Austin @ Emos w/ Dressy Bessy

Saturday 09/13 Norman OK @ opolis

Yesterday Heather and I also saw a t-shirt for sale that had a picture of Ice-T on it. Underneath the picture, it said "Ice Cube". I would so get killed if I wore that shirt.


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