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Monday, Feb. 03, 2003 - 1:03 a.m.

Trekked down to a warehouse on Flushing Avenue last night to see Rob's band play. It was interesting walking through the Hasidic part of the neighborhood in the early evening. The streets semmed to be flooded with families pooring out of their houses as the sabbath ended.

Once I got to the show, I had to watch some band that consisted of bass, guitar, shitty disco grooves played off of a powerbook, and some girl ranting about fucking. I stood aroound with Rob making jokes about people ripping off Klaus Nomi. After that, I saw the Black Eyes play. They're from D.C. and have a record on Dischord. They had this insane noisy dance groove thing going on, like a visceral Dismemberment Plan, but they left me not sure of whether they were pretty good or the worst band I had ever seen. Rob and his cohorts rocked, as did the Lost Sounds. I drank a lot of Pabst, witnessed a long conversation about Ronnie James Dio, and stumbled home around two. Upon returning home, I scrambled four eggs in a fit of hunger before going to bed.

I had a long shitty day at work today, dealing with another case of people putting together a benefit show for a good cause, and proceeding to abuse me, because they don't know what they're doing. I did at least get to mix another show for my favorite band from Angola, Bonga.

Listening: Black Sabbath, Master of Reality

Contemplating: Scrambling the other two egg that I've got in the fridge


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