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Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2003 - 12:48 a.m.

Braved the cold weather last night to see some kids from Athens rock out in front of 15 people at the Mercury Lounge. They played unfazed by the shitty turnout. Playing before them was This Radiant Boy from Philadelphia. I dunno. I would have eaten this stuff up ten years ago. They could really play and their tunes had hooks galore, but I just couldn't get excited about it. It could be that I've heard enough of the Superchunk high energy melodic guitar rock augmented by Get Up Kids style non-threatening boy looks, all viewed through Weezer's horn rim glasses. At one point the singer sang that "the underground is broken", and that I shouldn't let it get me down. He may have a point, but I had a hard time believing it coming from these guys, especially after I saw their manager lurking around. Whatever. More power to them, I guess. I just wish that I could find more than a handful of isolated bands to get excited about. Right now, finding cool new things to listen to entails buying CDs by dead singer/songwriters from the '70's or overlooked early '80's art-rock bands.

Anyway, right now I can't sleep because I slept from 8 until 10:30, avoiding the dinner party happening in my wee little kitchen/common area. I had vowed not to go out, and I ran out of Wigu Cartoons to read, so I figured that a nap wouldn't hurt. Bah. Now I'm up, but I don't feel like reading. Instead, I'm killing more time on the internet and listening to Pete Ham's 7 Park Avenue (another dead '70's singer/songwriter) on my headphones, as it is currently my apartment's mandated quiet hours.

That's about it. However, if anybody wants to buy me a jersey from my favorite hockey team that I've never seen play, you can order them here. I might settle for a Truck Power shirt instead.

Listening: Pete Ham 7 Park Avenue

Contemplating: Playing Tetris


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