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Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2003 - 11:17 p.m.

It appears that, in anticipation of my move to Williamsburg, the owner of my old neighborhood bar had opened a new bar two blocks from my new apartment. I almost stopped in tonight, but I noticed that the bartender this evening was the woman that my old roommate hooked up with on New Year's Eve, with awkward results. I figured I'd wait a little while to avoid any unfortunate conversations.

Earlier tonight, I went to Cinema Vallage and watched Morvern Callar, a scottish film based on the novel by Alan Warner. It wasn't bad, but it lost much of the expression of the novel, which features alot of Morvern's internal dialogue. Samantha Morton does, however, deliver a fantastic performance as the title character. I spent a good deal of time being frustrated with myself for not always understanding the scottish dialect.

I've currently got Pete Ham's 7 Park Avenue on the stereo. It's sadly beautiful, even when the tunes are syrupy sweet.


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