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Monday, Jan. 13, 2003 - 10:25 p.m.

I slept well into the afternoon today. Last night went on several hours past what I had expected. The plan to head home after work fell through when I decided to stop by Eric the Revolutionary's birthday party at his apartment, where I planned to have one drink and head home. A couple hours and several conversations later, I finally left, splitting a cab with Keefe, his fiance, and friend of theirs visiting from L.A. I spent the next coouple of hours at the Pourhouse drinking beer and hanging out with these folks and Keefe's dog. Got home around three or so, ate a cuban sandwich that I picked up at the 24 hour bakery down the street, and went to bed.

My big accomplishment of the day was trekking to Kmart to buy pillows for my bed so I don't have to use a rolled up beach towel, as I have for the last few nights.

A couple of days ago, I suggested to my roommate that we look in to getting DSL for our apartment, and within 12 hours, he had signed us up. Hopefully that means that in a week I 'll be rid of my current dial-up service hell.

I'm currently listening to Jets to Brazil's fantastic Perfecting Loneliness, which has captured my attention full-on since I bought it a couple of weeks ago.


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