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Friday, Jan. 10, 2003 - 9:57 p.m.

Another long gap between posts.

The holidays were nice, despite the case of bronchitis that I came down with that rendered me constantly exhausted and unable to breathe.

Spent Christmas at my mom's, which was pretty tame. Ate at a Denny's with the JBs, in spite of the guy at the Wawa telling us that Denny's is closed on Christmas Eve. Went bowling with Joshua and ran into Rich and Andrew, who were bowling in the league. We met up with them afterwards at the local brewery, where Rich and Charles almost got into a fight with some local hooligans over a game of Golden Tee.

Heather and I returned back to Georgia for a sweaty New year's Eve before heading to South Florida to see my dad and stepmother. We saw a shitty basketball game (Dude, the Heat suck!), ate at fancy restaurants, and drank copious amounts of wine. The highlight of the weekend had to be when my dad almost got into a fight with some sloppy drunk assholes at a bar. If you knew my dad, you would understand how strange an occurrance this was.

Anyway, I'm back in NYC, at my new apartment, coping with my wonderful dial-up internet service. More to come.


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