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Thursday, Dec. 19, 2002 - 10:16 p.m.

Why yes, it has been 23 days since my last post, and I won't apologize or promise to be better about posting or any of that crap. I've had shit to do.

You can hear about my Thanksgiving here. The only thing that I would add was that the air mattress that I was sleeping on deflated on the first night of the visit. This then had to become a topic of conversation for the rest of the visit. On the bright side, I got to experience the awesomeness that is the Aerobed.

Upon returning to New York, I set about the task of finding a new place to live, while at the same time being wicked busy at work. I found a place on Monday. It's in Williamburg. Actually, you could probably call it South Williamsburg. The neighborhood seems alright. It's only 30% hipsters right now. There's a laundry next door to the building and I'm only a five minute walk from the train. My roommate seems cool and he's got a badass grey cat name Vito. I do feel kind of sad that I'm moving away from downtown Brooklyn to "the other Brooklyn". I've never really identified with the Williamsburg scene. Don't get me wrong, I kind of dig the clubs and bars in the area. I just don't care for the people living there insisting that they moved there ahead of the gentrification curve, when they are, in fact the gentrifiers. At least in downtown Brooklyn everybody's fully aware of what they're doing to the neighborhood culture and rents.

The new living arrangement does mean that I have to live without cable television and my good friend Tivo, who makes sure that I never miss an episode od any primetime crime drama, including the deplorable Hack. I have seen every episode of this series, in spite of the fact that it is fucking unwatchable. I suppose that I'll have to start reading books on a more regular basis, or learn to do more creative things with my time. You know, I did bring my guitar up from Georgia, and I am already halfway throght my dead rock star year...


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