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Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2002 - 3:50 p.m.

I'm head to the airport in an hour or so for Thanksgiving with Heather's folks. I had to run out and buy a cheap carry-on bag, as the duffelbag that I was planning to use appears to be disintegrating. I also made a quick trip to See Hear to buy some zines to read on the trip.

It's going to be fucking cold in Massachusetts. It should be a good time, barring any incidents with Heather's relatives (One incident involving the phrase, "I'm not going to wait on you hand and foot!" comes to mind, or another holiday gathering which involved me being challenged into eating a rather large piece of roast.) I'm n ot looking forward to Heather's ten year high school reunion, which I'm sure will suck at least as much as her five year one. At least this one isn't on a goddamn boat.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.


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