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Sunday, Jul. 07, 2002 - 5:31 p.m.

Spent the 4th in Philadelphia. Didn't see any fireworks, save the ones that Davey had in his basement, which were pretty old and didn't burn so well. It was, pardon the expression, hot as balls* in Philadelphia. J and his roommates had a party, where I consumed fried chicken and corn and much more beer than I should have. J's ex-girlfriend showed up. She and J both said the wrong things to each other, and the next thing I know, he's screaming for her to get out of his house and she's crying. Davey and I tried to chill everybody out, with limited success. J's current girlfriend got upset and J had to chase her down the street. It's not a holiday without a bit of drama. Up until that point, the biggest bit of drama had been my argument with Kira about whether she should boil or steam the corn (I was definitely on the side of steam).

Wow, with all the Yuengling Lager, dumb ex drama, and my ham-fisted attempts to help, it really felt like old times.

The 5th found me getting sick in the lavatory of a Greyhound bus back to New York. Yep. Tell-tale sign that I drank too much. Worked the last couple of days, and despite my heading home straight after work, I didn't get the kind of sleep that I've been seeking all week until last night. Today's a day for staying home, doing a whole lot of nothing, medicated with healthy doses of the Dream Sydicate, Neil Halstead, and Bob Dylan.


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