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Sunday, Jun. 02, 2002 - 12:51 a.m.

Why yes, it has been a long week. This week I:

-Worked on a dance/performance art/variety show which primarily featured graduates of my alma mater's art school. I decided that I did the right thing by completing my sociology degree instead of transferring to the theater department.

-Bought myself a computer game based on the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game system. Subsequently lost several hours of my life immersed in sword and sorcery fun junior high style. Will certainly lose several more hours to the game.

-yep, you guessed it, worked some more. The last couple of days have involved long hours, moving heavy stuff and equipment freakouts. I just got back from sitting in a van full of gear from my afternoon gig for four hours. I got cranky.

-Attempted to explain the subtle nuances of various programs on the Game Show Network to my roommate's brother and his girlfriend. They were quite stoned.

-Noticed that I'm getting grey hairs again.


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