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Saturday, May. 11, 2002 - 2:47 p.m.

Ugh. It's almost three and I'm just starting my day. Finally climbed into bed around 4:45 this morning after an evening that ended at her place. I had planned to be up and out the door by ten, when the cleaning lady shows up. When the time came, I opted to let her in and retreat back to bed, figuring that I would get up at noon or so when she was done. Naturally, she didn't finish until two or so.

Last evening began with meeting folks at the Raven, where Brooklyn Lagers were consumed and Megatouch was played. I had planned to join folks to see Spiderman, but it was sold out, as I had forgotten that, unlike Georgia, you can't just show up at the theater before showtime and expect to get a ticket. Damn you, Mr Moviefone.

Thwarted in my attempt to see the film, I headed to San Loco, where I had some pretty disappointing enchiladas. I went wandering around, and ran into Dan, my old roommate from college. He's a superstar record store clerk and also holds the New York City Freeloader Champion title for the five odd years that he lived in New York without paying a dime in rent. I walked and talked with him until he got to his girlfriend's apartment. I still had some time to kill before meeting up with the post-movie crowd, so I stopped in a couple of the East Villlage bars that I used to frequent.

I got to Molly's place at around 12:30, where I watched people learn how to play poker, and played the game of Trivial Pursuit that would not end. We got two questions wrong by answering "Pete Sampras" instead of "Andre Agassi". As the night went on, it got harder and harder to pay attention, due in equal parts to the lateness of the hour, the beer that I had consumed, and the shouting match about the validity of Pink Floyd records that was going on in the corner. I decide that it was in my best interests to answer "Charles Nelson Reilly" to every question.

I gotta go eat something.


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