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Wednesday, May. 08, 2002 - 12:05 p.m.

Because Pearljamie demanded it, here is Linus lookin' like a goofy son of a bitch:

Now, to answer the important question of "What did Mike end up doing last night?" Well, moments after my last entry, that question was answered for me. My roommate called and told me that he was late to record a New Music performance that Giancarlo was producing down the street from our apartment. He asked me to take some equipment over to the show for him. Well, I got there, and decided to be nice and set the stuff up for him. Then I set levels on the DAT deck during rehearsal. Giancarlo offered free beer as payment for my services, so I ended up hanging out for the whole show, and the reception afterwards.

My roommate and I packed up the gear, took it home, and then decided to go to the Masters of the Hemisphere show at Northsix. After cruising around Williamsburg in the Delta 88 with the cracked windshield, slightly lost, we got to the club.

We briefly chatted with Toby, who was on his way out as we were going in. We let him go after a quizzing him briefly about the geography of Vermont.

There was one band left before Masters of the Hemisphere. I didn't catch their name. They were ok, I guess. They sort of sounded like a half-assed version of Godstar*. Masters of the Hemisphere were quite good, despite the fact that they looked exhausted, and I could have done without the interlude with the bad stand-up comedian at the end of the set.

We ended up at the Abbey briefly after the show, talking to one of my roommate's high school friends that we ran into at the show.

I made the mistake of leaving my bedroom door open last night. This morning Keller the cat decided to wake me up at 8:30 by knocking loose change off of my desk.

*Godstar were a power pop band from Australia in the early '90s. They were fronted by Nic Dalton, who is most famous for, along with Smudge's Tom Morgan, writing most of the material that appears on the last few Lemonheads albums. Godstar is not to be confused with Dogstar, which is Keanu Reeves' band.


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