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Monday, Apr. 15, 2002 - 9:19 p.m.

My trip up to NYC sucked.

I arrived at the airport about an hour and fifteen minutes before my flight. Airtran is recommending that you give yourself an hour. It took me forever to get through the line to check in. When I finally got there, they sent me to the random baggage search, where I had to wait in line again. They then searched my suitcase, which weighed in at about 70 pounds. It was also completely stuffed with clothing. In fact, I'm not sure how I got so much stuff in there.

The woman who searched my bag sure as hell couldn't figure out how to do it. After removing all of the items from the bag, she tried to put everything back in. When she was done, there was no fucking way that the bag was going to close. Actually, if I were to apply my 200 pounds of body mass to the top, I think I could have made it happen. However, I was instructed that I was not allowed to touch my baggage. Their solution ended up being that a bunch of my clothes be packed in a ratty old cardboard box from the back room.

With that squared away, my flight was scheduled to depart in 25 minutes. I ran to security, and made it through in record time. I got to my gate 15 minutes before the departure time. I was sweaty, tired and pissed off. I handed my boarding pass to the person at the counter, and she directed me to another baggage search line. At this point, I started flailing my arms and yelling expletives. The Airtran people were not concerned with the shit that I had already dealt with. I waited in line. Got searched. Had to take off my shoes, which are a bitch to put back on while standing up. i didn't even bother tying them before boarding the plane. The woman that I sat next to looked terrified when my sweaty, pissed off, shoes fallin' off lookin' self staggered onto the plane.

Pleasant flight.

Pleasant taxi ride.

It's hot in Brooklyn.


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