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Sunday, Apr. 14, 2002 - 7:01 p.m.

I should be making sure that I've got everything that I need packed for my trek back up to New York, but instead I've been looking around online for software to make my computer more efficient. Erich won't be around to let me into the apartment tomorrow, so he Fed Ex'ed me the keys the other day. I think my bedroom is going to be furnished with stuff from the home of his aunt, who is being moved into a managed care facility this weekend.

I didn't tell my mother that I was going to New York until yesterday. She, like everyone else, didn't seem surprised at all. I don't feel like I really have any other choice. If I could find work down here that wasn't telemarketing or food service, I would have taken it. I applied for multiple office jobs at the University, to no response. Besides, I actually found something that I was somewhat good at, and I enjoyed it. It's difficult getting put in a situation where I not only cannot do that job, but any other one.

I'd better finish packing.


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