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Monday, Apr. 01, 2002 - 11:06 a.m.

Being the heathens that we are, Heather and I did not celebrate Easter. Instead, we went about the difficult task of finding something to do in Georgia on Easter. Buy that rug that we saw in the Target circular? Nope, closed. Go to the mall and buy some new clothes? Nope, closed. So far as I could tell, there were four establishments open in the Athens area yesterday. One was Chuck E. Cheese, so check that one off the list. The second was Old Navy, and I decided to put off my annual purchase of Cargo Shorts*. Next door to the Old Navy, however, is the Barnes & Noble, which was packed with people. We picked up a few items: Ghost World on DVD, God Made Me Do It - The Christmas EP by John Wesley Harding (It has his cover of Like a Prayer on it), and Heather bought her first bridal magazine (I'm sure there will be more to come...we're still looking for engagement rings that fit our style. This magazine had an ad for rings with yellow diamonds. They looked like piss.).

We had an early dinner at the new brewpub downtown, which was one of the only places open. I had cheddar ale soup and knackwurst. mmm.

It looks like I'll be heading back up to New York soon on a semi-permanent basis. Lack of work down here has led me to believe that the only way to pay for the aforementioned engagement ring and various debts that I've accumulated over the past several months is to rent a room from a friend for a small fee and work at my old job. Meanwhile, I'll still be paying my share of the bills for our Athens home. Yup. Spending money to make money.

*While I do not condone the use of Cargo PANTS, I wholeheartedly endorse Cargo Shorts. Why? For some reason, those big pockets on long pants looks silly to me, utilitarian as they may be. I think the shorts have just become handy for me at work in the summer at outdoor festivals, where there's not always a secure place to put things down. Thus the many pockets are highly necessary. I can fit an entire stage worth of microphones into the pockets of Cargo Shorts, and still not look as silly as someone in Cargo Pants.


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