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Monday, Mar. 18, 2002 - 3:21 a.m.

Saturday night I headed to Brooklyn after my show got out. There was a big bash for St. Patrick's day at this warehouse in East Williamsburg (read: Bushwick). I drank some beer, saw some bluegrass bands play, caught up with a bunch of folks that I haven't seen in forever. I ended up getting home around 5 after a shitty meal at the Downtown Brooklyn Diner (I have a bad experience every time I go there) to find Erich still up, along with Derek and Ben. I wasted another hour taalking to them and made it to bed around 6.

Today I didn't have work until 3, so I had recovered from the previous evening's festivities. The last show of the Greek festival had some technical problems, which I was able to fix, although there were a lot of people yelling at me in Greek, which I do not understand a word of. After the show, I had to pack up the P.A. system and head to Jersey to unload it. I got snowed on. I got home half an hour ago. I've got to go to sleep. Flight home tomorrow.


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