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Tuesday, Mar. 12, 2002 - 5:47 p.m.

Tom got here on Saturday. He was pretty fried by his trip down here with a pair of his fellow students. We hit the BBQ Shack for dinner ('CUE N' STEW!) followed by beer, pinball, and Tapper at the Engine Room. Tom took a few minutes to humiliate Heather and I at the Foosball table. When Tom expressed his disappointment over my lack of skills on the table, I explained that I spent college mastering bar sports like drinking instead of Foosball.

We left the Engine Room to find another bar. We were surprised to find that one establishment no linger exists. We ended up at Tasyworld's Breastfest benefit. We caught part of the Krush Girls' DJ set, which was alright, although I really don't dance.

Sunday featured brunch at the Grit and a trip to Atlanta for the Death Cab for Cutie/Dismemberment Plan show. We paid too much for parking. We saw opener Cex work real hard in spite of the fact that the audience was not there to see goofy white hip-hop. Death Cab have gotten a lot tighter since their last trip through town. I'm actually becoming something of a fan of their work. Go figure.

The Dismemberment Plan are really not very good. I mean, they certainly know how to play their instruments and all, but I found myself having even less interest in their live show than their records.

Oh yeah, it was also a Clear Channel show, so it was expensive and in a crappy venue. I hate Clear Channel so much. It's uncanny how they can ruin so many aspects of the music world at one time.

Last night we ate at Speakeasy, which is sort of a Tapas place and darn good. Afterward we had drinks at Lunch Paper, where the bartender scared the hell out of me by telling me that my Driver's License was expired (It's not; She was looking at the issuing date). I got to rock the jukebox: Cramps, Joy Division, The Jam, Black Sabbath and more. Then we had to leave because some guy kept hassling Tom.

Drove Tom to the airport. I have to go back there tomorrow to fly to New York for work.

I am so damn jetset.


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