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Wednesday, Dec. 05, 2001 - 3:14 p.m.

I saw president Bush's town meeting in Florida. it made me kind of ill. I'm glad that instead of discussing how middle eastern aggressors are reacting in a violent way to deplorable social, economic, and political conditions, he dismissed them as "people who hate peace". He also used the word "evil" in just about every sentence. I'm glad that all the world's problems can be summed up as the actions of "evil men" who "hate peace" and "hate freedom". What the fuck? How can someone honestly believe that anyone actually HATES peace? Or HATES freedom (whatever that means)? Are these atrocities being perpetrated by the Legion of Doom? Is this a job for the superfriends? Meanwhile Osama strokes his beard and cackles maniacally as he puts the finishing touches on his weather machine....


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