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Tuesday, Dec. 04, 2001 - 3:05 p.m.

On Friday Heather and I went to see U2 at Phillips Arena. We had these wonderful nosebleed seats. Now, I've never really been a fan of U2, but they turned out to be fantastic performers. They've managed to successfully combine their painfully earnest image that they had in the '80's with their over-the-top rockstar image of the '90's, to create something alot more believable and much less annoying than either one. It had an almost gospel feel to it. I also had to respect the fact that they played with no additional musicians. I could have done without the terribly drunk, terribly unattractive woman in leather pants in our seating section who was making an ass of herself for most of the show, until she was ejected by security for her own safety.

Saturday we went to see Ghost World at the UGA student center. Afterwards we went downtown and played pinball at the Engine Room for a little while and went home. We got home to find a message from friends who were at a bar downtown, and it was still relatively early, so we headed back out.

We met up with them at the Globe, which is probably the most civilized drinking establishment in Athens. After a couple of pints of Fuller's at the Globe, we somehow ended up heading over to the Firehouse, which is this shitty frat bar. It was packed full of trashy undergrad girls in tubetops and fratboys. I had to laugh when I went to the mens room, and somebody had changed the sign that said "men" to "mensa". Indeed. And there's nothing like being stuck in a room full of drunk freshmen who are singing along to Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer". Especially when you consider that most of them weren't even in kindergarten when it was a hit.

This week I'm in training for my new job. I'm going to be doing customer service for a mail order company that sells ugly clothes to old people. It's terrible, but I gotta eat.


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