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Thursday, Nov. 15, 2001 - 6:37 p.m.

Last night was the Preston School of Industry/Shins show at the EARL in Atlanta. I hadn't been there before. It reminds me of Maxwell's in Hoboken, with a restaurant in the front and a performance space in the back. It's a little bigger than Maxwell's, though. We caught part of the opener, this band from Oregon called the Standard. Their lead singer sounds like a goat. Nothing too exciting.

The Shins were even better than I expected. I love their album, and the songs sound even better live. They have a kick ass drummer who looks like 80's teen film star Michael Zoreck (the fat kid in Private School (For Girls) and Hot Moves). I'm always excited to see a band actually rock out when they could probably get away with going through the motions.

Preston School of Industry rocked out as well, playing fuzzed out power pop like it was 1992 again. There's certainly still that slack style of Pavement, but there's a lot more punk rock to it with PSOI. We had to leave halfway through the set to make the 70 minute drive home.


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