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2001-10-07 - 6:28 p.m.

I never made it to the Sunshine Fix show on Friday. Instead, Heather and I went to her graduate department's weekly happy hour, and we proceeded to join her fellow students at dinner and then visits to local drinking establishments. The Ratskeller has Simpsons pinball, which Heather thinks is rigged. We ended our night at No Where Bar, which is a dive in the worst sense of the word. It's not charming at all, just filthy. They do have Beamish on tap, which counts for something. I had bought a 24 oz. can of Miller High Life (the champagne of beers) for $2.25 but ended up only drinking half of it, as each sip became more unpleasant than the last.

Yesterday Craig came to visit from Atlanta. He's barely been there a week, and I can see that he's where Heather and I were a month ago, in culture shock. He's got a nice new truck, though. We bummed around downtown for a while in the afternoon, then I made dinner and we drank beer and watched SNL with James and Mandy.

This morning we went to the Grit for brunch, then came home and watched CNN coverage of the attack on Afghanistan. After I deemed that there was no new news coming any time soon, I decided to clean our nasty patio. I've been avoiding going out there like the plague, as it's overrun with big spiders, covered with dead leaves and littered with garbage left by the previous tenants. woohoo. Maybe I'll set up our Homer Simpson limited edition Smoky Joe grill soon.

I'm going to be in New York for work next weekend, which is cool, since I might be able to catch up with some people that I didn't see before I left. Of course, I'm broke, so I can't have too much fun. And I have to fly to Pittsburgh to mix a show there on Saturday.


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