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2001-10-05 - 2:00 p.m.

I'm stuck sitting online so that I can download a demo of pagemaker, so that I can read the file my colleague emailed me the other day. It's the stage plot I need for the show that I'm engineering next week in Pittsburgh. He actually sent me a file in PAGEMAKER! Who the hell just happens to have Pagemaker on their computer? The other files that he sent me were in Wordperfect, another program that nobody has.

The download manager tells me that I have another 2 hours and 45 minutes of download time. That's what I get for still using Dial-up service, although earthlink service in Georgia is twice the speed of Dial-up in Brooklyn. Urgh. If I only had a fax machine.

Right now I'm listening to disc 2 of the "This is Next Year" compilation of Brooklyn bands that Arena Rock put out this summer. Some of it's pretty good. I find it interesting, however, that many of the bands on the compilation (Home, Enon, Rainer Maria, to name a few) did not originate in Brooklyn and, a year or two ago, were part of a scene somewhere else. In this way, Brooklyn's sort of like Los Angeles in the late '80's or Seattle in the early 90's, with bands gravitating towards it in order to "make it". I hope this is all worth the astronomical rents.

Tonight I'm going to see the Sunshine Fix and Je Suis France at Tasty World. I haven't heard Je Suis France, although I hear they're good. I saw the Sunshine Fix last month at the 40 Watt with the Four Corners. They've got former Olivia Tremor Control folks in the band, and like a lot of the new Elephant 6-related acts, kind of remind me of Moby Grape. Not that I mind, 'cuz Moby Grape were awesome, but I just find it strange.

I've definitely been going to more shows since moving down to Athens. It's cheaper, with most shows only being 4 or 5 bucks, but they start later. At most shows, you don't see the first band until nearly 11 o'clock. This town's got issues with time. Last call is 2 a.m., and people don't go out until 11. I just don't get it.

2 hours, 18 minutes remaining. Somebody's gonna pay.


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