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2001-10-04 - 12:01 p.m.

I made my first trek into Atlanta (besides trips to the airport) last week to see Modest Mouse & Built To Spill at the Variety Playhouse. It's a nice space: good sightlines, seating if you want it, a decent sound system. The Delusions opened up, and they weren't bad, although they played a little too long.

Modest Mouse were quite good - actually a lot better than I expected. The projections that they had going behind them were a little unfortunate, though. It's a bad time to be showing loops of highrise buildings collapsing, even if they are in reverse.

Built To Spill were pretty good, although we left halfway through their set. It's funny how BTS has gotten this hippie jam band following. Everybody around us had those stupid knit hats.


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