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2001-09-24 - 3:01 p.m.

Tomorrow marks the first full month that i've been in Georgia. I still haven't found a job, save a couple of days that I spent relocating an office's computers in Alpharetta. I'm starting to get tired of speaking to potential employers who, in the last couple of weeks have, WITHOUT FAIL, made comments to the effect of "looks like you got out of New York just in time." No shit. Thankfully, I haven't heard any news of anybody that I know getting hurt or killed.

Last week, in the wake of the attacks, I found myself driving six hundred miles from Athens to Alexandria, VA for my brother's wedding, which thankfully proceeded smoothly, with only a few friends and family unable to attend. It did wonders for my spirit, seeing a reason to find joy only a handful of miles from the still smoldering Pentagon.


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